Relational Database Service

Available FREE of charge to our clients, the relational database software we offer provides a versatile, cost-effective way of meeting your data storage needs. The database can be scaled down or up to suit the needs of your company, so you'll always have just the right amount of capacity on offer. Benefiting from a selection of hi-tech, advanced features, fast insertion and retrieval mean this database is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements.

Relational Model

Arbitrarily complex relationships can be modeled with the relational primitives: tables, colummns and rows. Using SQL, you can query these complex models and retrieve precisely the intended data. Because SQL is a standard, you can use the same queries against multiple backend database. Furthermore, queries you created for you existing database can be used on SonicBase, easing the transition to SonicBase.

Cross-Platform Database Software

One of the advantages of using our software is that it's compatible with several different operating systems. Whether you prefer devices that operate using Linux, Windows, Mac or Cygwin, our software will work well with any of them. The analytical database data storage you get when you use our software allows you to operate flexibly, no matter what your existing set-up might be. A great option for storing finance records, HR records or anything similar, if you need a cost-effective option that benefits from great performance and reliability, our product is what you need.

SQL Database Software with a Great Selection of Features

The database you get from us includes a range of great features that ensure you're able to do exactly what you need to, speedily and easily. From message queue integration through to automated bulk import, in-memory functionality and cross-platform competence, our distributed database management system offers excellent value and works as well as many other, much pricier, products.

Assistance Available with Our In-Memory Database