SonicBase. In-memory embedded or distributed streaming sql database


Cluster Won't Start

  • Cancel the start and try again.
  • Ensure that the license server is running. If the license server is not running the cluster won't start if you are using pro features.
  • If you don't need any of the data in the cluster, try purging the cluster first with the command "purge cluster".
  • Check that the config file for your cluster is properly deployed across the cluster. Do a spot check on the server that the client is currently reporting it is waiting on.
  • Check the log file on the server the client is reporting it is waiting on. Check for exceptions int 9010.log (or other port number) and 9010.sysout.log
  • Shards Get Out Of Balance

    This shouldn't happen under normal circumstances. You can check for out of balance by using the "describe shards" command. A shard would be considered significantly out of balance if it it 20% greater or 20% smaller than the other shards. If they do get significantly out of balance, stop clients that are inserting records, especially those doing batch inserts. Wait for the cluster to get back in balance and resume normal activity.