SonicBase. In-memory embedded or distributed streaming sql database



To monitor shard status, type "describe shards" in the SonicBase client. Output includes a list of all configured indices. For each index, the keys that deliniate each shard are listed. Also, the size of each shard for the index is provided.

Server Stats

To monitor server stats, type "describe server stats" in the SonicBase client. Stats include the following:

You must install the "ifstat" package on Mac OS X and "dstat" on Linux in order to monitor network traffic.

Server Health

To monitor server health, type "describe server health" in the SonicBase client. Output includes the following:
  • Host - address and port of the server
  • Shard - shard of the server
  • Replica - replica of the server
  • Dead - "true" if the server is dead
  • Master - "true" if the server is the master for the shard