SonicBase. In-memory embedded or distributed streaming sql database

AWS Integration

Config Builder

SonicBase will automatically create a config file based on the servers tagged in AWS. Machines you desire to be servers need the tag "sonicbase-server" with a value of the name of the cluster. Machines you desire to be clients need the tag "sonicbase-client with a value of the name of the cluster. A config file for the cluster must exist in the config directory, but doesn't need to have servers or clients previously configured. The existing config file will be updated with the tagged servers.

To build your config file type "build config aws" in the client.


It is recommended that you instantiate the servers using the AWS api. You can then easily tag all your servers and clients with code like the following:

ArrayList<Tag> requestTags = new ArrayList<<>>();
requestTags.add(new Tag("sonicbase-server, "my-cluster"));

CreateTagsRequest createTagsRequest_requests = new CreateTagsRequest(); createTagsRequest_requests.setResources(instanceIds); createTagsRequest_requests.setTags(requestTags);


In order for AWS integration to work you must have a file named "<cluster>-awskeys" located in the "keys" subdirectory of the install directory. The first line of the file is the aws access key. The second line of the file is the aws secret key.

Backup and Restore

Streams Integration