SonicBase. In-memory embedded or distributed streaming sql database

Automated Bulk Import

Automated bulk import allows you to load the SonicBase database from another JDBC compliant database. Before initiating the bulk import you must create all the tables and indices in your SonicBase database. The SonicBase schema must match the schema in your source database or be a subset of that schema. You can quickly load the database in a single command.

Bulk Import Command

In the admin client type the following command:

start bulk import from <tableName>,<tableName>(<datbase driver>, <jdbc url>, <user>, <password>) where <expression>

For example:

start bulk import from persons(com.mysql.jdbc.Driver, jdbc:mysql://localhost/test)

You may specify all the the tables you want to import in a single command. However, if you have a where clause you can only specify one table. The where clause can be used to limit what records are imported. The where clause is optional. User and password are optional. "database driver" is the database driver class of your source database. "jdbc url" is the connect url for your source database. The comma and following space in the command is required for proper parsing of the command.

Importing a table with no primary key will be slower than a table that has a primary key.

JDBC Driver

In order for bulk import to work you need to place the jdbc driver for your source database in the "lib" directory under the sonicbase install directory. You then need to deploy to the cluster. On Windows, this is a manual process. On Linux and Mac you type "deploy cluster" in the admin client.

Bulk Import Status

To monitor the status of the import type "bulk import status" in the admin client. This will list all the tables in your database and their import status.