AquaTech Software, Inc. Provides Sonicbase Database Product

December 15, 2017: AquaTech Software, Inc is pleased to announce they have created the SonicBase Database product designed to provide users with an easy way to store data for long and short-term use. This software is the best value in its class, helping businesses save money, while properly storing their data.

The SonicBase Database features high-performance with in-memory support using a combination of both on-heap and off-heap memory for increased capacity. Disk-based snapshots and logs are also used to provide durability for the database. Customers who choose this software solution can count on a distributed, relational database that spreads information across as many servers as you deem necessary. It can be separated into subsections and dynamically distributed during the insertion and deletion process. Data can be stored for both the short and long-term, providing a vast array of uses for customers.

The new product is ideal for analytics and real-time processing to ensure businesses can quickly and easily analyze any data to improve their business. Their goal was to create a database software solution that was reliable and affordable so every business can take advantage of these services.

Anyone interested in learning about this database software and what it can do can find out more by visiting the AquaTech Software, Inc. Website.

About AquaTech Software, Inc: AquaTech Software, Inc. is a database software solutions company that offers an affordable option for companies that want to quickly and easily store and analyze data. This software solution is ideal for both short and long-term storage and is reliable and durable. Their database solution offers a variety of features that make its performance optimal.

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