What is SonicBase?

SonicBase is an in-memory distributed relational database. SonicBase allows you to store and retrieve records in a database with fast insert and retrieval speeds. You can use it for long-term storage and more short-term storage if you just want to do some temporary analysis of data. You may store anything from financial data to human resources data.

Open Source Database

In-Memory Database

SonicBase stores all data in memory. It uses a mix of on-heap and off-heap memory. Additionally, disk-based snapshots and logs are used to achieve durability.

Distributed Database

Records and indices are spread out across as many servers as you deem necessary. The data is transparently divided into shards and it is dynamically distributed as you add or delete records. You can scale SonicBase to billions of records on commodity servers. See the documented benchmarks for more details. SonicBase Pro supports cross-shard transactions and cross-shard joins. This is not a simple task for a distributed database.

Relational Database

Cross-Platform Database

SonicBase is a distributed relational database that is cross-platform, supporting Linux, Mac, Cygwin and Windows.


With a 32 server, 4 billion record cluster with replication factor equals 1 we achieved 3.8 million batch record inserts per second and 35 million range-based record reads per second. With this distributed database you can achieve linear scalability. Being an in-memory database, Sonicbase can achieve impressive performance.

Automated Bulk Import

Streaming Analytics

Streaming allows you to ingest data into the database and export it in real-time into external data stores. You could, for example, hook into a financial stream to provide up to the second quotes to your database. Analytics can then be performed on the data in SonicBase. Or perhaps you want to replicate your SonicBase database to an external data store. There are many possibilities. Streaming is high-performance real-time data transfer.



Stored Procedures